Our Main Suppliers

As industry specialists, we are always on the hunt for exclusive rights to distribution for only the best micro breweries. This often means we are one step ahead of the rest in getting hold of the newest and best craft beers on the market both nationally and internationally.

We are proud to work alongside the following breweries:

Amager - Denmarkhttp://www.amagerbryghus.dk/ - Amager, Denmark

BeaverTown - London
 – London, UK

Brewdog - Edinburgh https://www.brewdog.com/ – Edinburgh, UK

Cloudwater - Manchester
http://cloudwaterbrew.co/ – Manchester, UK

ClownShoes - Ipswich MA http://www.clownshoesbeer.com/ – Ipswich, MA, USA

Harbour - Cornwall, UK
 – Cornwall, UK

Magic Rock - Yorkshire, UK
 – Yorkshire, UK

Mikkeller - Denmark
http://mikkeller.dk/ – Copenhagen, Denmark

Oakham - Peterborough, UK
 – Peterborough, UK

Purple Moose - Wales, UK
 – Wales, UK

Salopian - Shropshire, UK
– Shropshire, UK

The Kernel - London, UK
http://www.thekernelbrewery.com/ – London, UK

Thornbridge - Derbyshire, UK
http://www.thornbridgebrewery.co.uk/ – Derbyshire, UK

Tiny Rebel - Wales, UK
http://www.tinyrebel.co.uk/ – Wales, UK